Importance of Justice in Islam

Importance of Justice in Islam

Justice means to be fair and equal to everyone without showing any kind of discrimination. Justice is not only a personal act but it is done for the betterment of whole humanity. Justice is such an important reality which cannot be ignored at any cost. How is it possible that the world’s most complete religion Islam would not say anything about justice? There are many principles of Islam which lay emphasis on the importance of justice. Many times, in the Quran, Allah has given the command to maintain justice for those who are the true believers of Almighty.

According to Islam, there are many categories of justice. The first category includes justice with Allah. In this type of justice, Muslims always pray to the one and only Allah Almighty and ask for assistance from Him alone and by following His commands only. This justice can be shown through people by worshipping Him five times a day. Also, when Muslims travel from all over the world to perform the holy obligation of Hajj and Umrah by availing any of the packages like 5 Star Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 deals and other, they are also showing a strong bond of love and justice towards Allah Almighty. Justice towards Allah is also seen when Muslims fast in the Holy month of Ramadhan for continuously thirty days, only for Allah alone.

Justice in islamic

Then comes the category of doing justice with people. This is the most important kind of justice when you treat people equally without showing any discrimination based on their status, race, ethnicity, gender or anything else. This is the most important kind of justice because Allah may forgive a person if he is not fulfilling Almighty’s rights but will never forgive if injustice is done in fulfilling the rights of a human being. People should always keep in mind that if they need justice for themselves, then they should show justice towards others as well. Because Karma never leaves anyone alone and whatever you do to others comes towards you as well.

The third type of justice is done in terms of speech. It means that whatever a person is saying should match his acts as well. A person’s words should go along by his deeds and there should never be a contradiction in what you do and what you say. This justice is important because it shows the characteristics of a person and his true personality without any fakeness and hypocrisy. Someone said it right that justice should be from both parties in order to gain the best results of equality. If you want to seek out more then move to Saudi Arabia thru Luxury umrah services agents 2019 for families with Visa, flight and Transportation.