Understanding Islamic Law – Islamic Supreme Council

Understanding Islamic Law - Islamic Supreme Council

Ummah of Holy Prophet (PBUH) has blind faith, Islam is a complete life package. Islam tells us how to live the life according to Sunnah and Holy Quran.

This is a final religion that Allah directed towards Ummah of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and remains until the Day of Judgment.

Islam consists of 5 Pillars and 5 Articles, without believing these terms, no one can become a Muslim. We can see the true beliefs every year on the occasion of Hajj where a crowd of Pilgrims that come with Hajj Packages 2019 UK shows that they are a true follower of Islam.

Islam Aspects

There are three aspects of Islam,

• Islam: Heavenly law

• Iman: Faith

• Ihsan: Ethics and Moral Character


Primary Objective Shariah’s 

Islamic Shariah is one of the biggest points in the religion Islam. Shariah is a thing that tells us what is right for us and what is wrong for us. Allah Says that,

“And We didn’t send you (Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)) apart from as a clemency for all formation”. (Holy Quran: 3)

We must follow the Shariah because without it we can’t become a true Muslim, in the sight of Allah.

Objectives of the Shariah

There are some objectives of Shariah that everyone must know about them,

• Foundation of Righteousness

• Educating the Individual

• Maintenance of Ethics, in both community and Individually

• Avoiding hardship, in both community and Individually

• Avoiding Domination

Understanding Islamic Law - Islamic Supreme Council

Observance’s Level

Those who observe the uppermost level are separated into three classes,

• Highest are in the whole global, those works together in unity and society also agrees.

• The 2nd observer is localized, a region, city or state of the civilization everything organized in

harmony while the rest does not work.

• At the lowermost level of an observer, we find a region or society in which agreement and collaboration are detected.

Allah says in the Holy Quran,

“What the Prophet (Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)) gives you, take and what he prohibits, stop therefrom.” (Holy Quran: 18)

So, follow the Sunnah blindly and accept the Islam with a true heart to get the advantage in worldly life as well as hereafter. Perform Umrah with Five star umrah services consultants 2019 for families with Visa, flight and Transportation.

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