Battle of Badr

battle of badr

This battle is between two cities Makkah and Medina, in between Muslims and the People of Quraish. This war was broke out in the “Hejaz” region in the western part of “Arab”, this place is in between Makkah and Medina, but this place is close to the city of Medina as compare to Makkah.
The place where the war was actually breaking out was near the hills and well of Badr. That patch of an area where is the war broke out is dry, and dry whereas the area of hills was like the rock and mountainous. Then Muslims also started to advance their forces for the people of “Quraish”. This place of Badr is most visited place in Saudi Arabi and people still visit it through Family Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019.

When the Muslims get to know that their number is 1,000 men and they were only 313 men. Whereas the people of Makkah was had 100 horses 170 camels and all were fully equipped. On the other Hand, Muslim was about 313 men with 2 horses and 70 camels and they weren’t having that much arms like the people of Makkah had. As there was no hope for their lives the people of Medina would also have denied the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and save their lives but they did the opposite. Before preparation of the war Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) gathered the people of the city and talked them, then one the companion of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said: “If you will say us to march our houses in the sea we all will do that”. Then after the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) Said, “Go forward full of faith surely Allay has promised either the caravan or the victory on the battlefield”.

battle of badr

So, they all decided to march to the field of Badr and make their Camp there and meet the people of Makkah in the battlefield near the well of Badr. So they started March to the battlefield and reached there. Before the two days of the war. And start getting advance there. While on his way “Abu-Sufyan” turns his caravel back to the Makkah whereas others moved forth. And both the armies meet each other on the day of 17 of Ramadan.

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The three army was much more equipped and have many numbers of men, such that they can hear them coming towards them. The battle starts according to the tradition three men form each army fight, three men of another army individually, before war broke out, here the Muslims fighter killed three fighters of enemies, then after these, and both armies ran towards each other. It was noted that 313 men were superior over 1000 men with horses and camels, the miracle that happened in this battle was that Allah Almighty sent down the army of angels to help Muslims, they were such that the people of Makkah weren’t able to see. And many of the enemies were killed by the angels. In this way Allah fulfilled his promised there are many Muslims lions who get martyred there on the battlefield of Badr. There are their names;

1. Haritha bin Suraqa AK-KHazraji
2. Dhush-shaimaalayn
3. Umayr bin al-Harith
4. Rafi bin Wahb
5. Umayr bin al-human
6. Mubashir bin Abdul Mundhir
7. Aaqil bin al-bukayr

battle of badr

And much more their domes are still present there, it is a great interest of people around the world to go there and do ziyarah of these places and do ton their graves and see the battlefield of Badr. Keeping in view these many travel agencies make it easy for all of you to see that places, and are offering you with Cheap Umrah Packages 2020. Umrah tour packages with Ziyarah in Makkah. With more facilities at minimum prices.

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