The Early Childhood of Hazrat Musa

The life of Hazrat Musa (May Allah be pleased with them) gives many lessons for leading our lives in the best way ever. It shows that no matter how hard the situations are, one should always have faith in Allah Almighty because He is the one who gives troubles and He is the one who takes the person out of that trouble. Hazrat Musa was born in the era of Pharaoh (Firou’n) who was the ruler of Egypt. It is stated that one day Firou’n saw a bad dream about the demolishment of his kingdom. The next day he called his priests and asked them about it. They told him that one day a man will destroy the dominance of Firou’n and will rule Egypt.

The Early Childhood of Hazrat Musa

The Early Childhood of Hazrat Musa

On hearing that, Firou’n gave the orders to kill all the baby boys who are born in Egypt. That order was followed by the people. Then one day, the priests told Firou’n that he should not kill each single baby boy otherwise there will be no men left in Egypt and he will not have any slaves to whom he could give commands and could rule over them. They gave him the advice that he should kill the baby boys one year, and the other year he should let them live. Firou’n listened to that advice. During Umrah we must have the whole story of Hazrat Musa when visiting holy places umrah in 2018 with packages Hazrat Musa (may Allah be pleased with him) was born in the same year in which orders were given to kill the baby boys. His mother was very worried and started to take care of him secretly. Allah sent a revelation to the mother of Musa to make a basket and put Musa in it and then put that basket in river Nile.

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His mother listened to the commands of Allah and did the same. She told her daughter to see where the basket goes and her daughter saw that river Nile took the basket to the palace of Firou’n. And then Allah proved that He loves a person more than seventy mothers by showing how Musa brought up in the same palace of his enemy. Undoubtedly Allah is the greatest of all and we should ask for His mercy and forgiveness no matter what happen. When the honored Muslims perform Hajj through hajj in 2018 with packages, they should try to remember the whole Muslim Ummah in their prayers and should pray for Allah’s blessings.

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