Saudi Arabia is going to deliver 300,000 Iftar meals to Syrians

Saudi Arabia is going to deliver 300,000 Iftar meals to Syrians

According to the news sources, the officials in Saudi Arab have signed an agreement with Turkey which states that the Saudi government will provide 300,000 iftar meals to the refugees living in Turkey in the Ramadan campaign which states that “God will reward you the same”. The total worth of that iftar meal is Rs. 3 million. The iftar meal will be provided to the camps in which the Syrians are residing these days in Turkey. The campaign’s regional director, Badr Al-Samhan, said the campaign continues to provide humanitarian programs for internally displaced Syrians and refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. He is a competent director and is leading the campaign in a right way.

It is a great initiative started by the Saudi Arabia and other countries should learn from their example. When you do a good deed to someone, it never goes wasted and you get double reward in return. Therefore, other developed countries especially the Western countries which are rich enough to provide food to the refugees, should learn from the example of Saudi Arabia and should play their part for the betterment of human kind. Badr Al-Samhan has given emphasis to the directives of the Saudi government to give utmost care and attention to the provision of relief services for Syrians whenever it is needed.

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This news has been attributed by Umrah Experts and for the Muslims Pilgrimages who are eager to perform Holy Actions in form of umrah with hajj for 2017 with Packages. You can also see related post on wiki news too.


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