Interesting Facts about Impure Things

Interesting Facts about Impure Things

Things are often classified as pure an impure based on the religion of a person. There are many things that may be impure in one religion but not considered impure in the other. Same this goes around with pure things. For example, pork is considered impure in Islam whereas people who belong to other religions doesn’t consider it impure at all, and they eat it with complete delight on their important festivals. A lot of anthropologists have made researches on the differences of these pure and impure things based on the religion of a person. These studies put light on the significance of things in accordance with their religion and faith i.e. a thing might be considered superior in one religion but inferior in another religion only due to that concept of purity and impurity.

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Islam has given a lot of emphasis to the Muslims in maintaining a difference between pure and impure things. It holds so much importance that a Muslim can’t even pray five times a day if he is in an impure state. Same goes along with other holy obligations. Each year numerous Muslims perform the holy obligations of Hajj and Umrah by availing the amazing packages like Non Shifting Hajj Packages and other.One should always keep in mind that these holy obligations can’t be fulfilled if a Muslim is not in the state of purity. Although the list of these impure things is a bit long but some of the most significant impure things are mentioned in this article.

People often keep cats as a pet animal in their home. If a pot of water is placed somewhere and a cat drinks from it, then this water is impure for human beings and they should not drink from the same pot. There are certain animal’s whole blood doesn’t flow. Those animals whose blood doesn’t flow like bee, ant etc., when fall into someone’s food, then that food is not considered impure. On the other hand, animals whose blood flow if fall into someone’s food that it gets impure and sometime poisonous as well. Islam is not a strict and rigid religion but when something is prohibited in Islam then it should be avoided at all costs. Allah has blessed us with so many things that we can’t even be fully grateful to him for those blessings. Now it is our responsibility as Muslims that we try to follow the commands of Allah Almighty.

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